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NSCC – Multi-Purpose Cooperative



18-65 years of age

* Membership Fee - Php 200
* Initial Share Capital - Php 1,000 (Depositors)
* Initial Share Capital - Php 100 (Loaners) and Savings Deposit - 100
* 2 Valid IDs
* 2 Pictures
* Additional Requirements for Loaners:

-Barangay Clearance
-Business Permit

*Additional Requirements for those Who will avail of Micro Insurance (NSCC-MBAI)

-Single: Photocopy of Birth Certificate
-Married: Photocopy of Marriage Certificate
-With Children: Photocopy of Birth Certificate
Savings and Investment

SAVINGS DEPOSITS - Deposits that can be withdrawn anytime except when it was assigned as collateral or pledge in availing loans. Interest of 3%

annually for a minimum of Php 5,000 deposits.

TIME DEPOSITS - Deposits that cannot be withdrawn anytime (30 days maturity). Interest of 5% annually for minimum of Php 10,000 deposits.

SHARE CAPITAL - Deposits that cannot be withdrawn anytime unless you are withdrawing your membership. No fixed Interest rate since it depends on

the net surplus of the cooperative.


- For every 2,500 share capital you are entitled to avail products of NSCC based on the approved promos given to members.

- You are mandated to sign undertaking that it can only be withdrawn after 3 years from the date of availment.

- Distribution of dividend and patronage refund is as follows:

35% Capital Build-up

15% Items Sold by NSCC Federation

50% Cash Dividend provided the following condition:

1.For members who has loan obligation, it will be applied as payment of loan.

2.For members who has no loan obligation, it will be added to their savings or share capital.

Loans and Packages

NSCC MPC caters the financial and marketing needs of MicroEntrepreneurs, Farmers and other interested Individual Members


- Loan Program for small scale Entrepreneurs
- Loan Window: Php 150,000 below
- Features / Characteristics:
-Clean Loan
-Savings Deposit is required every loan amortization
-Automatic Membership to NSCC MBAI (Micro Insurance Program)
-With Birthday regalo
-Opportunity to attend trainings and networking activities
-Payment is thru cash

-Loan program for medium or large scale entrepreneurs/stockholders

-Loan Window: Above Php 150,000


-Secured Loan (Chattel or Real State)
-Savings Deposit is required every loan amortization
-Automatic Membership to NSCC MBAI (Micro Insurance Program)
-With Birthday Regalo
-Opportunity to attend trainings and networking activities
-Payment is thru post dated checks

-Loan program for Teachers, PNP Personnel, Government Employees

-Loan Window: Based on earning capacity


-Clean Loan
-Payment is thru ATM Card or Cash

-Loan Program for Farmers
-Type of Agricultural Loans

1.Regular Agri Loan Program

-For any crop applied
-With options of lumpsum payment up to five or six months
-With PCIC application


2.Tie-Up Programs


1.ACPC-PLEA Program


-For Garlic and Onions
-6% Interest per Annum; 1% Service Fee
-Covered with Philippine Crop Insurance Upon completion of application forms
-Term and Loan Window: Based on crop production


2.ACPC-SURE Loan Program


-For Survival and Recovery
-loan varies upon approval with D.A.
-0% Interest per annum; 3% Service Fee
-3 years term

Loans Under Tie-Up Livelihood Programs

-Loan Program for Indigent Residents of Vigan, Santa and Caoayan Ilocos Sur

-Endorsement from the LGU of residence
-Other Loan requirements