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18-60 years of age
Exit age is 65 years old

Members Dependents

1. If the member is single
● parents who is 65 years old below

2. If married
●spouse who is 65 years old below
●all children (single) 18 years old below

Members Beneficiary

● In case of the death of the member, the designated beneficiary listed in the application form shall receive the benefits.
● In case of death of dependents, the member shall receive the benefits.

Requirements to become a member

● Membership Fee - Php 100.00
● Initial Share Capital - Php 1,000.00 (Depositors)
● Initial Share Capital - Php 100.00 (Loaners) and Savings Deposit - Php 100.00
● 2 Valid ID's
● 2 Pictures
● Additional Requirements for Loaners:
- Barangay Clearance
- Business Permit
● Additional Requirements for those who will avail MicroInsurance (NSCC-MBAI):
A. Single: Photocopy of Birth Certificate
B. Married: Photocopy of Marriage Certificate
C. With Children: Photocopy of Birth Certificate
● Filled up application Form
● For single applicants: (photocopy of birth certificate)
● For married applicants: (Marriage contract)
●Photocopy of any Government issued ID

- If the member is married, his / her legal dependents are:

a. Legal spouse, not more that sixty-five (65) years old; or common law partner, not more than sixty-five (65) years old, they have been living together as husband and wife for at least five (5) years without any legal impediments to enter marriage.
b. All single biological and/or legally adopted children, two (2) weeks old but not more than eighteen (18) years old.
c. All biological children over eighteen (18) years old, single, disabled and incapacitated to work.

- If the member is single (unmarried) but with children, only those enumerated under 3.1b and 3.1c shall be considered as his/her legal dependents.
- If the member is single (unmarried) and without children, only the parent(s) who is (are) below sixty-five (65) years old may be considered a his/her legal dependent(s).

- In case of the death of the member, the designated beneficiaries listed in the application form shall receive the benefits, in case of death of dependents; the member shall receive the benefits.
- The right to change the beneficiaries is reserved to every member of NSCC MBA, who may, at any time, designate a new beneficiary/ies. Such request of change must be in writing signed by the member and submitted to NSCC MBA office or designated authorized collection center.
- Only those listed as beneficiaries on the membership application form have the right to receive the benefits. When a member dies without any designated beneficiaries, the benefits shall be awarded to the legal heirs according to existing laws.

NSCC MBA will not be liable if the member and/or any of his/her dependent dies by suicide within one (1) year after the effective date or date of last reinstatement of the Certificate of Membership provided, however, that suicide is committed in the state of insanity shall be compensable, NSCC MBA’s liability shall be limited to the return of all contributions paid by the said member without interest.

Products and Services

Provides protection against loss due to death or total and permanent disability, and benefits for hospital confinement of a member or his/her legal dependents.
Premium or Contribution
► Members shall be charged Twenty Pesos (PhP 20.00) weekly contribution for the benefits
► Php 80.00 if monthly
► Php 1,000.00 if yearly


Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives Mutual Benefit Association (NSCC MBA), Inc. shall pay the benefits under the Certificate of Membership to its member and his/her beneficiary/ies in accordance with the following schedule:

Documentary requirements are being prepared for the submission and approval of the Insurance Commission.